‘Vagrant Kings’ now on Amazon

Vagrant Kings Book CoverAs promised, “Vagrant Kings: David Stern, Kevin Johnson and the NBA’s Orphan Team” is now available in e-edition on Amazon.


The book, by veteran journalist R.E. Graswich, explores the unique relationship between NBA Commissioner Stern and Mayor Johnson as they strategize to anchor America’s most migratory sports team, the Sacramento Kings.

The e-edition was released on Sunday, 9.22.13, Stern’s 71st birthday.

“Vagrant Kings” takes readers deep into the wild history of the franchise, which began life as a barnstorming club in Depression-era Rochester, N.Y.

The e-edition is $8.99, with an Apple iBooks/iTunes version available soon. In upcoming weeks, a special physical edition of “Vagrant Kings” will be available in California and across the nation.