Author Gary Delsohn on ‘Vagrant Kings’

Five-Star Amazon review:

“Though it hasn’t been noticed much by people outside Sacramento or Seattle, this books tells a great, behind the scenes story of a determined city’s uphill fight to keep its one major league sports franchise that should be of interest to sports fans anywhere in America. If you are curious about how a small market defeated a group of billionaires from Seattle to hang on to its beloved but inept basketball team, this book gives an authoritative account that is as well written as it is fascinating. From David Stern to Kevin Johnson, the cast of characters is colorful and so is the story. It is an improbable but compelling sports story that defies conventional wisdom and is well told by a talented reporter-writer who knows the whole crazy tale from beginning to end. I recommend it highly.”

–Gary Delsohn, author “The Prosecutors: A Year in the Life of a District Attorney’s Office,” former speechwriter for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.