Sam Amick reviews ‘Vagrant Kings’

From USA Today pro basketball beat writer Sam Amick:

“Talk about a compelling story that is told by the most unique of authors: R.E. Graswich was not only a longtime Sacramento Bee Kings beat writer and columnist but was chief writer and key policy liaison to Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson from 2009 to 2012. That means, of course, that he had access to the sort of behind the scenes material that NBA fans would find so fascinating now that the Seattle-Sacramento saga is over and the team is staying put.
“Graswich has faced plenty of criticism for his decision to share what some see as private material, and he attempts to address those questions on his personal blog. But independent of that discussion, the book is worth reading for the sheer history alone. It covers in great detail the organization’s path from Rochester, N.Y. to Cincinnati to Kansas City and finally Sacramento, offering a reminder of how far the NBA has come in such a short and expansive amount of time. I’m guessing that Stern, Johnson and — to a lesser degree — Bill Russell won’t be happy with this book because of some of the details shared and claims made, but it is an enjoyable read nonetheless.”
“Vagrant Kings: David Stern, Kevin Johnson and the NBA’s Orphan Team,” is available for e-book download on Amazon, iTunes/iBook and Nook. The book will be available in physical format in early November.